Lila LeRoy

I know what to do.  Walk, damn it. 

But how does a ghost walk? 

I’m surprised by my legs’ fragility.  Instead of the strong and athletic legs I had when I was alive, these look like the steam that blew from my skin when I took a hot shower after a long run.  There’s a mist below my waist, but no muscle, no flesh.

I’m confused, but that’s okay.  How will I get this done? 

As I did in life, I move.  I keep moving.  I don’t stop.  Mainly, I just want to see someone–anyone. 

Hullo.  Anyone here?       

Ghosting: Hey, Lila’s caretaker here.  She’s becoming familiar with her ghost self.  Put yourself in her place.  When you wake up dead, what’s your first thought? 


Lila becomes her best through your thoughts and ideas . . . Let's hear 'em.

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