About the Book

Premise for What Happens in the Vegas Cemetery

What Happens in the Vegas Cemetery is a YA novel that is presently being written by Lila LeRoy’s caretakers, Mary McFarland and Marlena Allen. 

College freshman, Lila LeRoy, bringing up her grades and getting her parents off her back, chooses a research project that flaunts authority. She supports the campus Adopt-a-Suicide group, educating teens about suicide by drawing attention to the topic. Getting a job as caretaker in the Vegas family cemetery, Lila spends the summer living in a mausoleum and researching a famous suicide and dead rockabilly star, Gravy Hunnicut.

Joe Vegas just committed suicide, and dyslexic Lila accidentally switches the empty cemetery lot intended for Joe with one already occupied. When she can’t explain the corpse in the grave intended for Joe to authorities, she goes to work fixing her mistake. She must. The drug-dealing thugs using the cemetery have ensnared Gravy Hunnicut’s nephew, L’il Gravy, and they’re threatening to plant his brother, Link Hunnicut, next to Joe Vegas. Either she helps the thugs stash bodies–and doing so is becoming a serious chore–or they kill L’il gravy and Lila’s new boyfriend, Link.

When L’il Gravy invites Lila to document his suicide, planned as a tribute to his Uncle Gravy who committed suicide on stage, Lila must help Link save the troubled teen. It’s one more overwhelming task, but she receives help from an unusually savvy source: Gravy Hunnicut’s uncouth, disgruntled, who haunts the Vegas cemetery.

Following ghostly redneck Gravy’s advice, while fighting drug dealers and helping Link save L’il gravy, forces Lila way outside her comfort zone, even for a Goth Chick, and into trouble with Link. She can’t help indulging her rich girl’s arrogant temptation to fix the seriously dysfunctional Hunnicuts. But Link’s a rebel, like Lila, only for real, so he turns Lila’s snobbish social engineering back on her, forcing her to cope with the source of her own social rebellion.

Copyright, 2011.  All Rights Reserved.  Mary McFarland and Marlena Allen.


Lila becomes her best through your thoughts and ideas . . . Let's hear 'em.

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