About Lila LeRoy

Hi.  I’m Lila LeRoy.  College  freshman, goth girl, and — ghost. 

I’ve got a problem.  My parents think a “B” in sociology class means I’m not studying hard enough.  So I gotta get my grades up this coming semester.  They’re yelling, promising to take my allowance, which I need.  Um, how else will I buy clothes and CD’s?  Seriously.

My only goal in life is to get them off my  back.  If I don’t, they take my money.  No shopping on Etsy for the eyeliner and black lipsticks I luv.  No more trips to Macy’s.  Worse than that?  I won’t be going to my fav hangouts with my friends.  It’s a fate worse than death.  Ha!  Thought you’d love that line.

I don’t want you to think I’m just another pretty face–just another emo or brainless chick.  I’m an outta-the-box thinker, and what I want is–what I want. Seriously

I got my stubborn genes from the parents, so they need to at least try and understand that I’m going to be me, not who they, or society, or anyone in the whole freakin’ universe expects me to be.  

My philosophy?  Why compromise?  I believe I can follow the letter of my parents’ draconian law (and let the spirit be damned).  Translated?  I can get my grades up, keep my allowance, and still maintain my goth lifestyle.

I am . . . adaptable.  I can adjust to unusual circumstances and find the best solution to my problems based on my needs.  I’m good at it, too.  Ought to be: I’ve had hundreds of years to practice.  I’m a ghost.  Been dead for a while.  But livin’ it up in the Vegas Cemetery.


Lila becomes her best through your thoughts and ideas . . . Let's hear 'em.

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