Do you know your goth?

Most of you think of goths as a generic type.  Dark hair, black eyeliner and lipstick and fingernails.  If you’re lookin’ at us and thinkin’ we’re all the same, you need to learn more.  We’re not all the same.  Here’s a link that by no means explains goths, but it’s a start.


Lila LeRoy’s Summer Addy, Mausoleum – Top Drawer

Goth Angel

My parents were raising hell because my grades were dropping, so I had no choice.  Get into a class I could sleep through and still get an “A.”   Problem: only one class left, a sociology class plus a wicked-dull assignment.  Pick a summer work-study project I could relate to and research it.

My luck, the only job left was pretty weird.  Um, I gotta say, living in the mausoleum and helping save a kid from committing suicide was not the project I had in mind, but with help from copper-haired, hazle-eyed Link Hunnicut, I’ll manage.