Lila’s Caretakers

Hi, we’re Lila’s caretakers.  She’s an eighteen-year old goth girl with ‘tude, and she’s spending the summer living in–of all places–the mausoleum in the Vegas Family Cemetery.  She doesn’t want us lookin’ over her shoulder, and we don’t. We’re just here to channel Lila’s story. 

We think Lila can take care of herself, but it’s fun being her caretakers.  All we have to do is make sure that she gets into more trouble than even she–intrepid goth girl–can handle, and then help her find exciting ways to get out of it.  That’s what we do. 

Mary McFarland – Lila’s Creator 

I’m Mary McFarland, Lila’s creator.  What Happens in the Vegas Cemetery is my third novel, but it’s my first YA novel.  I also write mystery and suspense, mainstream and SF novels.  My writing credits are detailed on my blog at

Marlena Allen – Lila’s Co-Creator

Hi, I’m Marlena.  I’m working with my aunt to brainstorm ideas for What Happens in the Vegas Cemetery, to help write novels, and to come up with a premise for the next novel in The Graveyard Swingshift Mystery series.


Lila becomes her best through your thoughts and ideas . . . Let's hear 'em.

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