Lila LeRoy

I know what to do.  Walk, damn it. 

But how does a ghost walk? 

I’m surprised by my legs’ fragility.  Instead of the strong and athletic legs I had when I was alive, these look like the steam that blew from my skin when I took a hot shower after a long run.  There’s a mist below my waist, but no muscle, no flesh.

I’m confused, but that’s okay.  How will I get this done? 

As I did in life, I move.  I keep moving.  I don’t stop.  Mainly, I just want to see someone–anyone. 

Hullo.  Anyone here?       

Ghosting: Hey, Lila’s caretaker here.  She’s becoming familiar with her ghost self.  Put yourself in her place.  When you wake up dead, what’s your first thought?